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This course is a survey of the psychological theories and practices of human social and historical behaviour, in light of the basic ideas and research methods used by social psychologists. Social Psychology is a broad field that overlaps with the psychology sub-disciplines of personality and cognition and with the fields of anthropology, sociology, communication. As the study of situational and personal / interpretive factors that influence an individual's social behaviour, Social Psychology reveals a great deal about the grace and sin at work in our relationships and social situations.

This course is an exploration of the systematic presentation of the doctrines of the Bible, in the areas of Theology Paper (Doctrine of God), Christology (Doctrine of Christ), Pneumatology (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit), Bibliology (Doctrine of the Bible), and Anthropology (Doctrine of Man).

This course provides a general overview of basic theories and concepts of leadership and management. Emphasis is placed on clarifying the points of convergence and divergence between leadership and management. Theoretical and practical perspectives from specialists in the fields of leadership and management will be explored. The course will enable participants to define the aims and purpose of their organisation, to define objectives, and motivate staff to achieve the goals of the organisation, be it church or Para-church, profit or non-profit. The course includes many practical exercises. These will help participants learn new skills, such as interviewing and dealing with conflict. They will also develop material they can use in leading and managing their organisations.